Lat. 45°40.254’N    Long. 10°39.210’E

An elegant, exclusive and safe marina. Simply unique!!!

Marina di Bogliaco, integrated in the distinctive natural environment of Lake Garda, is one of the most appreciated tourist marina. It shoots for Customer satisfaction offering greatest attention to every single and specific demand with high quality services.

The best marina where you can keep your boat always ready to sail!!!


We are specialized in boat storage service. We supply our customers with wide area for any type of boat. Our covered storage building of 3000 meters square can contain up to 150 boats of varied dimensions.


We have jib crane, Travel Lift and a way to the lake in order to make the operations of launch and hauling of your boats with greatest care and safety.


Our qualified and highly professional staff can realize every kind of maintenance work, assistance and repair service. This one permits you to have your boat always ready to sail with the best conditions.


Thanks to our gasoline and diesel refueling station placed on the quay at the entrance of the principal dock, our staff will refuel your boat as required.


We have available different types of boat that we can hire with or without skipper. On our website you will find also an extended catalogue of secondhand boat for sale selected by our staff.


Our clients can benefit from a wide private parking placed nearby boats.

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